Koh Lanta or Lanta Island is a beautiful island in Thailand that it is known as Koh Rok, Queen of Andaman. Just by hearing the name, there is no doubt about the beauty of the island. Many tourists know the beauty of the sea in Thailand, whether it is Samui, Bang Saen or Phuket. Today we have another beautiful place suitable for a seaside wedding ceremony along with the beautiful atmosphere of the Andaman Sea like Koh Lanta, hidden with calm and simple that you can get a warm atmosphere for a romantic and intimate wedding venue with the happy time of the couples and guests.

                     Koh Lanta is located in Krabi Province. Take a flight from Bangkok by plane, It took about an hour to arrive. In Koh Lanta there are many type or location for wedding venues for the brides and grooms to choose from. Whether it is an outdoor by the sea, a seaside resort, seaside hotel or the place where the wedding ceremony allowing the brides and grooms with Thai culture along with the beautiful place by the sea. They can also have a small parties in the evening, whether a BBQ party or an after party by the sea. And most importantly, you will be able to capture the photos or videos of your important day in perfect condition if you have a skilled Wedding photographer – Koh Lanta and creative ideas like Korofilms, Wedding photographer – Koh Lanta that are ready to impress on the wedding day of the bride and groom filled with happiness and good memories.

Real Wedding in Koh Lanta