Wedding in Koh Samui

                      Koh Samui is a well known and famous destination for tourist around the world. Especially the Full moon party, the festival of joyful and entertainment. Tourists from all over the world are eager to come because apart from entertainment they also take a vacation with the beauty of the sea on Thai gulf where you will find the beauty of nature and impressive privacy. If any couple are looking for a location with beautiful seaside wedding venue in Thailand, Koh Samui is definitely one of the top place to pop into the hearts because not only foreign or tourists love this place, Thais love the beauty of Koh Samui as well.

For people who are lovers of the sea, it would be the same dream that would like to have their own wedding day by the sea because they will feel the warmth friendly and can create a happiness for both the bride and groom with guess in good vibes. In addition, The wedding venue would be perfect if bride and groom had a professional photographer or videographer team to capture photos and videos on the couple’s big day.

Korofilms Wedding photographer – Koh Samui is a team of skilled photographers and videographers with a long time working experience in the wedding industry. In addition to being able to trust Korofilms, what more of the newlyweds is creativity and ideas, various photography where bride groom relatives and the guests will be able to participate warmly together.

Korofilms Wedding photographer – Koh Samui our team of professionals provide live streaming video footage of the bride and groom. Good service before and after the wedding, if you choose to let us capture the impressions of your big day, you will not be disappointed.

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