Wedding photographer – Pattaya

The landmark of the gulf and coast in Thailand that become a very popular place, Pattaya.
Many people are so fascinated by the fantacy of this city that they want to come to capture the atmosphere
on the wedding day. The wedding ceremony in Pattaya which apart from the vibes of Pattaya beach is also
surrounded by many facility, foods and Tourist Attraction all day and night. Can be called a city that never
sleeps ever.

In addition, Pattaya is a place that attracts tourism from around the world. It is also a place that
attracts couples to their wedding ceremony in this city as it is a place that many people are deep bond with
and fascinated including the beauty of the sea. And the convenience of traveling. There are many famous
restaurants. It can be said that it supports both the expat or tourist lifestyle and the Thai lifestyle as well.

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Indian Wedding in Pattya

Western Wedding in Pattaya