Nowadays, There are 3 types of Thai wedding ceremony that 1)Wedding engagement in the morning and wedding reception in the evening 2)Wedding engagement in the morning and wedding reception at noon 3)Wedding engagement in the afternoon and wedding reception in the evening. Most wedding ceremony are the first and second type. The Thai wedding ceremony is considered to be the wedding that is beautiful according to Thai culture from the wedding dress, the style of the event and the venue. Most of Thai wedding ceremony start in the morning such as monks ceremonies, offering food to monks, pouring alms bowls, procession of khan mak, barking doors and wearing rings. Each wedding ceremony has different spaces or facilities for the newlyweds.

     And the important thing on the wedding day is to keep the good memories of life in pictures and videos. KORO FILMS, Thailand wedding photographers and cinematographers (videographers) with a professional wedding team. There are 2 wedding photographers and videographers, KORO FILMS, Thailand wedding photographers and cinematographers (videographers) serve with 3 videographers that can take a picture of brides, grooms and guests. And what you will get from KORO FILMS, besides getting beautiful, professional images we also take an unlimited number of photos with adjust the light color to be beautiful as for the video, it is provided as a full course which is 1 highlight video (5-7 minutes) and 1 long video (45-60 minutes) in which the bride and groom can choose the song by themselves and if you want a bird’s-eye view from a drone to add more splendor to the event, You can add-on as well.

งานพิธีแต่งงานแบบไทย ส่วนมากจัดขึ้นในช่วงเช้า ประด้วย พิธีสงฆ์ ตัก บาร์ต รดนำสังฆ์ แห่ขึ้นหมาก กั้นประตู สวมแหวน รถน้ำสังฆ์ สามารถรับตัวอย่างผลงาน ถ่ายภาพ และวีดีโอ พิธีการ แบบไทย ได้



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