Pre Wedding Location in Khaoyai

Khaoyai Pre wedding Photoshoots

                 Couples who are looking for pre – wedding location that good vibes and cool climate all year round.Korofilms, Pre – wedding photographer – Khaoyai will recommended Khaoyai Thailand. In addition, after finishing the pre-wedding photoshoot couples can travel in various places such as national parks, cafes, resorts and fashion outlets.

Pre – wedding location : Cafe
Ride Thru Cafe
                 Minimal style of pre – wedding which wooden hut cafe that famous accommodation. There are an interior that is outstanding that it looks like having traveled abroad. The hut also contrasts with the mountain backdrop that Pre – wedding photographer – Khaoyai can make a perfectly photos of couples. It gives you the feeling of being at home in a small forest.
Casa De Montaña
                 Another cool pre – wedding photo location is Casa de Montaña Khao Yai, which is both an accommodation and an industrial loft cafe with a mountain view as far as the eye can see. And most of couples who stay here must not miss a highlights of this place such as car houses, inside is a small room that feels like resting and traveling at the same time.

Pre – wedding location : International style

Toscana Valley
               If couples want to go for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Italy bt you don’t need to go to there. Toscana Valley Khaoyai Thailand, a large resort that has been known with Italy of Khao Yai because it simulates architecture from Tuscany city with beautiful corner including street and natural that very romantic to take a pre – wedding photos.

Thames Valley
              A pre – wedding photoshoot in England in a budget that you can afford. Thames Valley, Khao Yai, was recommended from most of Pre – wedding photographer – Khaoyai because this location can feel like England vibes with the concept of decoration in English Countryside style, Earth tone building contrast with the background of the forest.

Khao Yai National Park

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