Phang Nga Wedding


             If talking about Phang Nga province, Many people would be imagined with only the sea. But the beauty of Phang Nga province is more than that. In addition to the beauty of the sea in southern Thailand, You will also experience the nature shady of the forest. It also has a wildlife sanctuary as well. You can also experience the clear and cool water at the waterfall. Therefore Phang Nga province is a destination for the brides and grooms who want to have a wedding ceremony from the normalcy of the traditional wedding style. For today, Korofilms, Wedding photographer – Phang – Nga will introduce some popular wedding styles in Phang Nga Province such as

             Thai traditional wedding style; It reflects the traditional culture that is old and unique, creating a lasting impression on the guests who attend the event. Both Thai and foreigners by Korofilms, Wedding photographer – Phang – Nga recommend organizing an event in the hotel or indoor event venues because it will get a picture of a beautiful place with a beautiful Thai dress.

            International wedding style; It is the bride’s dream wedding style. There is a flower arch by the sea. Couples in a long evening dress, holding a bouquet of flowers in hand and grooms in a smart suit walk together on the special day.

               Which is no matter what kind of wedding it is. The important thing that the brides and grooms should not forget is to find the Wedding photographer – Phang – Nga team who will keep the memories of the wedding day of the bride and groom along with the beautiful location of Phang Nga province, Thailand. In video format, Korofilms, Wedding photographer – Phang – Nga are also available by a professional team.

Real Wedding in Phang – Nga, Thailand