Namdhari Wedding is a beautiful short film based on the story of love between two people. The film is about a long-distance relationship, its challenges and how it eventually blossomed into marriage.



The Namdhari Wedding is a Punjabi Sikh wedding ceremony. It is the most popular and traditional wedding ceremony in Western India and Pakistan. The Namdhari Sikh wedding follows strict rituals and customs.

Weddings are the great occasion of joy and happiness for the whole family. It is one of the most important events in a person’s life, therefore, it must be celebrated with pomp and show to please all those who attend it or see it on TV. There are many customs of Indian weddings that have been followed for generations by Sikhs as well as other ethnicities such as Punjabis, Sindhis, Rajasthani’s etc. Some of these customs may be specific to certain regions or communities and not all customs may apply to all regions or communities depending on

The Namdhari culture is an ancient one and it has been a part of the Indian society for many generations. The Namdhari wedding is a customary affair that takes place between two families.

A lot of celebrations take place before the actual wedding ceremony – mainly to welcome the groom and his family. On this day, there are usually three ceremonies – one being a Jain wedding ceremony, which takes places at the groom’s house. This ceremony starts with a “Shubha Kalyanam” ritual, followed by rituals such as “Nama Pheri” and “Darshan”. The second ceremony is called “Kanyadaan” or “Panigrahana”, where the father gives away his daughter to her new husband. This ritual is performed at the