Rayong Wedding photographer

Rayong is one of the provinces famous for seaside wedding venues. The Rayong Sea is famous
in many places, both in terms of beauty and privacy beach. Thailand is a famous country for its attractions
and the beauty of the sea. If any couple wants to come and having an experience of the romantic
atmosphere of the Rayong sea, follow this

Koh Samet; The white sand beach that popular with both Thai and foreigners.

Mae Rumphueng Beach; It is a point to view and watch the sunset. That can see Mae Ram
Phueng Beach and Koh Samet at the same time

Saeng Chan Beach; Sand beach that different from any beach. Surrounded by delicious seafood

Khao Laem Ya ; The sea of this place can be said to be crystal clear. But even if it is not
suitable for swimming, Suitable for chill out besides the beach.

In which the wedding ceremony in Rayong. Anyone who is bored with the atmosphere in the city,
You can travel to Rayong Province easily because there is not far from Bangkok. It takes not long time to
travel to meet the beautiful natural atmosphere that impresses both the bride and groom. And the guests
for sure. In addition a team of photographers from Korofilms who will make your dazzling wedding
ceremony that impresses everyone through images in high resolution video from professional
cinematographers (Videographers). You can get a highlight film and documentary film after your wedding
day because the more beautiful than other place, the photographer and professional videographer who
have the best view to capture the best shot for the bride and groom combined with couples style and show
the personality of the bride and groom. Korofilms will help to enhance your wedding to impress everyone
for a long time.

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