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Photos can represent the happiness because it was keeping a good memories with that photo like pausing the good times at that moment that could not be returned. But we can feel the happiness vibes by looking back at the pictures that every time makes us think of the people and places.

Every moment in your life, there are many different stories, but there are always good stories in your life. Some stories may be normal in everyday life. But if you looking back at the time, those memories may become precious memories that we can not go back. Therefore, having a photograph to preserve the good memories and good feelings as well.

The only thing that keep your beautiful memories no matter how long has passed is the photos. KOROFILMS, We serve a professional wedding photographer and videographer on your wedding day. Because we understand that you don’t want to miss every single memorable moment and wonderful moment on your wedding day. Although the days of important days and days of happiness pass quickly. Our team will help you fill those precious feelings no matter how long the time has passed.

Let’s having a good team of professional photographers helping you to capture the memories of your wedding day. In addition to providing happiness to the bride and groom. It is also a great way to give your love and happiness to relatives and guests. Please make sure that you will have a perfect photo album in your valuable times with KOROFILMS. Wedding ceremony is one of the important day and beautiful day of brides and grooms. And we realize that the wedding day is also an important day for your parents, who are happier than the couples. Let’s KOROFILMS make your wedding day as a perfect day in your life in a beautiful places in Thailand.

western Wedding Photography in Thailand

Western Wedding kiss sunrise Bang Pu

Western Wedding

Western wedding photpgraphy in thailand. Western ceremony will usually include a blessing ceremony performed by a secular professional celebrant. The bride and groom, accompanied by the celebrant leading the vow exchange and ring exchange ceremony.

Indian Wedding Photography in Thailand

Indian Wedding

The Indian Wedding photpgraphy inthailand.

The Indian Wedding is a complex schedule of many rituals, however, it’s all focused on love and the tying together of two families. Many Indian rituals and customs have been adapted to incorporate western traditions, but following tradition is an important aspect to having a meaningful and symbolic Indian wedding.

Prewedding indian on the rocks sky fabric couple

Thai Wedding Photography in Thailand

thai ceremony merit with monks the boat wedding photography in thailand

Thai Ceremony

Traditional Thai Wedding in thailand are the culture and heritage of Thai people. The Wedding comprises of many ceremonies. Starts with Blessing ceremony followed by Khan Mak ceremony, the Groom will offers gifts to the family members of the bride The main ceremony is Engagement and Thread ceremony and the last ceremony is sent the couple to the room.

Wedding Reception Photography in Thailand

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception is function after Thai ceremony maybe in the afternoon or evening some couples do them on a separate day.

The dinner party starts around 6 pm bride and groom will stand in front of the function room welcoming the guests, taking photos with guests. The MC invites both the bride and the groom to the stage.

The guest of honour will give the speech to couple good luck after the speech, the bride and groom will light the auspicious candles, then cut the cake and serve the parents when the formal parts done, The bride will toss the bouquet for the single ladies. After that, the bride and groom will walk around for pictures with all the guests.

Wedding Reception Cake cutting ceremony


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