Pre Wedding Location in Ratchaburi

Ratchaburi Pre wedding Photoshoot Location

If talking about Ratchaburi Province in Thailand It is considered a province where almost all couples want to take a pre – wedding photos, taking beautiful pictures with beautiful places once. And if talking about Ratchaburi province, A place was very famous and popular that it is recognized by pre – wedding photographer – Ratchaburi was Suan Phueng with many beautiful resorts or hotels. It is surrounded by the nature of the mountains, giving you a warm feeling and getting beautiful pictures from everwhere. Some resorts or hotels have European, Spanish, and French decorate, making the wedding dress look even better and besides Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi, Korofilms, Pre – wedding photographer – Ratchaburi will introduce other pre – wedding locations in Ratchaburi such as

Khao Ngu Stone Park, The area features a beautiful designed of bridge over a pond in the middle of a valley. It is a photo spot location that must not be missed. Any the pictures in the morning will be very beautiful or if brides and grooms want to take pictures during the night, it can be another beauty because there will be more vivid light from the fireflies, which makes a great impression for tourists and couples.

Ban Pong, Ratchaburi, a famous city for street art, with a classic old houses, graffiti and a symbolic image that reflects the story of Ratchaburi. That appear all over the city wall art created by local and international artists. The picture can be seen in buildings, houses, shops and alleyways. Who passes always taking pictures and this is a good location for brides and grooms take a pre – wedding photos too.

If brides and grooms are looking for a Pre – wedding photographerRatchaburi, Korofilms will create your pre-wedding photos to be so beautiful that everyone will definitely be envious.

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Huai Mai Teng

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The Pre Wedding shoot is a creative and stylish way of capturing the bride and groom before the wedding.

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