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In this video, we’re going to take a look at the Nepali weddings in Thailand. Half of the world’s population is Hindu, and Nepali is one of the languages of Nepal.

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Nepali weddings are typically more about the ceremonies and rituals rather than the food and drinks. The wedding celebrations can last for a period of four days, with four different ceremonies – sindoor khela (a game of throwing colored powders), chhaupadi (rite performed by women after menstruation), prajapati (ceremony welcoming the groom to the family) and groom’s sister’s ceremony.

Nepali weddings are different than Western weddings. Wedding planning is different, guests are different, the wedding dress is different, and of course the ceremony itself is quite a bit different from a Western wedding.

In this article, I will outline the steps necessary to plan a Nepali wedding in Thailand. These steps apply to any Nepali or Indian wedding hosted abroad as well as those traditionally hosted in Nepal or India.

In the introduction of this article, it’s explained that Nepali weddings are much more formal and traditional than Western weddings and that there are certain steps necessary for planning a Nepali wedding in Thailand.