Pre Wedding Location in Chonburi

Pre Wedding in Sichang Island Chonburi Thailand Wedding Photographer

Best Location in Chonburi for Pre – wedding photo shoot

If talking about Chonburi, Many people will thinking about Pattaya but there are much more many place in Chonburi that popular and Beautiful as same as Pattaya. The locations in Chonburi Thailand for pre – wedding photoshoots that good and romantic vibes that Korofilms, Pre – wedding photographer – Chonburi will recommend follows;

Koh Sichang

Love Bridge and Gorge on the area of ​​Koh Sichang, It is a check-in point that couples cannot miss, and besides these two places, Koh Sichang also has many romantic photo spots such as the sunset view point at Lam Chakrapong. Beautiful beach, clear water, fine sand at Tham Khao Pang beach.

Koh Lan

A place that is popular with tourists. It is also a popular place from Pre – wedding photographer – Chonburi to take pictures of couples with the sea, beautiful beaches and clear water which Koh Lan is only 7 kilometers from Pattaya. And there are checkpoint of Koh Lan follow this;

– Hat Sangwan wooden beach : Wooden beach along with the sea connected Tawhan beach and Hat Sangwan beach.

– Hat Tean wooden bridge : The bridge besides the private and calm sea.

Suan Thai Pattaya 

Thai traditional concept of Pre – wedding photographer – Chonburi with 6 regions in Thailand and many activities for couples to take a pre – wedding photos such as take a photo with Thai traditional dress (Northern, Northeastern, Central, Eastern, Western, and Southern). And there are Thai lifestyle zone to take a photos and get a romantic vibes with Thai culture


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  • Bang Phra Dam
  • Koh Sichang
  • Grand Canyon Chonburi
  • Djittabhawan Temple A Deserted Church in the sea

Bang Phra Dam

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Djittabhawan Temple A Deserted Church in the sea

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