For couples who are looking for professional and experienced Pre-wedding photographers to shoot a photo of memories. KORO FILMS, Pre-wedding photographers that consists of a professional team ready to create a love story of couples through warmth and impressment. No matter where the couples go for pre-wedding shoots, whether in studios, hotels, or in the midst of natural environments such as the seaside, waterfalls, lakes or mountainsKORO FILMS, Pre-wedding photographers ready to travel to save your love photos anywhere. Or if any couples don’t have a pre-wedding location in mind, Lets KORO FILMS team to recommend the location according to your style.

We are proud to present a Pre-wedding portfolio by KORO FILMS where we can capture impressive images in picture and video to convey the love story of the newlyweds beautifully and perfectly. There are many styles of pre-wedding photography such as travel style, lifestyle style or the formal style with a white evening dress will stand out and contrast with the beautiful background of any place as well.

With KORO FILMS professional team, Pre – wedding photographers and cinematographers (videographers) with high quality photo and video equipment. There are 3 types of pre-wedding photographer packages: 2 hrs, 4hrs and 8hrs. There are 3 types of pre-wedding videographer packages: Behind the scene, music video and love story. You can choose music to suit your style and you can also get raw footage files to view or open on the wedding day.

Prewedding Photographer & Videographer Pakeage