Pre Wedding Location in Krabi

Pre – wedding photographer – Krabi

             For couples who are tired of taking a pre-wedding photoshoot in a city, Korofilms, Pre-wedding photographer – Krabi recommended Krabi Thailand for couples who looking for a natural pre-wedding location. Krabi Sea has a beautiful sea for wedding photographers to show their skills that impressive which is recognized as a secret location or the Maldives of Thailand. There are the secret location follow this;

Talay Wak
           The place of Krabi that famous all over the world which is derived from natural phenomena when the tide is low that will blow the grains of sand together and show the long sand dunes connecting the 3 islands: Koh Kai, Koh Mo and Koh Thap.

Maya Bay
         Maya Bay was located on Phi Phi Ley Island. The bay is crescent shape with bright emerald green sea and pure white sandy beaches that influenced couples to take a pre- wedding photos here

Railay beach
          Railay beach, Many people may think of it as an “island” but actually Railay beach was located on the land and couples having to get there by boat because Railay beach is surrounded on all sides by mountains. Railay beach was popular with Pre – wedding photographer – Krabi because couples will get a beautiful from the location of Railay beach and get a beautiful picture on the boat while going to Railay beach as well.
            In addition to beautiful water and clear sea, Railay beach is also known as ” Beautiful sunset” that is one of the recommended places for couples to take a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Koh Lanta National Park
             Marine national park with Andaman sea, It consists of many beautiful islands with natural resources, beaches, coastal forests, complete coral reefs and sandy beaches around the island



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  1. Rutul Gandhi says:

    Hi, I would like to know how much a pre-wedding shoot package would cost to do in Krabi at the end of August.


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