Wedding checklist that you do not miss

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Wedding checklist that you do not miss

Brides and grooms that are going to have a wedding or any couples who are planning to get married but don’t know what preparations need to be made. Korofilms, Wedding photographer will recommended this wedding checklist that you do not miss on your wedding day such as;

1. Location of wedding
Location of wedding should depend on brides and grooms style, number of guests and comfortable at the wedding. There are a wedding ceremony in hotel, wedding venue, A wedding in a restaurant or a wedding by the sea.

Location of wedding in Thailand

2. Pre – wedding
It has become customary for the pre-wedding photography which Korofilms, Wedding photographer would like to recommend that pre-wedding photos of brides and grooms should be able to convey the love story of the couples in an impressive way.

3. Quantity of guest
Brides and grooms will try doing a separate checklist of by separating and grouping such as relatives, close friends or colleagues etc. To be used in planning the number of people who attend the event as close as possible.

4. Style of wedding ceremony
There are formal and informal wedding ceremony or wedding party, There are many types to choose. Whether they are Buffet, Cocktail or Chinese Banquet, each with different cost.

5. Budget for wedding ceremony
Who says the budget for the wedding is not important? It is another important thing that must be defined from the beginning that how much they will pay in the budget that does not exceed. In order to be able to plan all events. Such as location, decoration, photographers, videographers, food and beverage expenses, travel expenses or may included room rates for relatives or guests.

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