Pre Wedding Location in Phang-Nga

Location for Prewedding photoshoots in Phang Nga

Phang – Nga, the city of the Andaman sea that full of natural beautiful especially the sea and beautiful islands. It also has the densest and most fertile mangrove forest in Thailand. There are many places for couples to choose for their pre-wedding photoshoot follows;

Surin Islands National Park
This place was suitable for couples who love scuba diving because the Surin Islands National Park has outstanding diving spots location. It is a source complete with nature under the sea. There are many species of fish, beautiful coral reefs and sometimes you can see the whale sharks as well. If you take a picture of a couple under the sea as a pre – wedding photo with Korofilms, Pre – wedding photographer – Phang – Nga, You will definitely get a beautiful photos.

Koh Tapu
Some people called this place that James Bond Island. Koh Tapu was located on the north side in the cove of Khao Phing Kan island. This island is famous in Phang Nga province as it used to be the location for taking film of James Bond movie. This place should be taken for the pre – wedding photoshoot as the sea water is so clear and beautiful.

Ao Phang Nga National Park
One of the place that Korofilms, Pre – wedding photographer – Phang – Nga was recommended because in Ao Phang Nga National Park, there is Khao Phang Nga island on the beach The reason for this name is because the rocky mountains were split apart and the smaller stone slides down. The bases sink into the ground, separated from each other but the upper part is still leaning against each other. Which is considered a place that has good meaning. It is great for taking pictures of couples.

Takuapa Old Town
If couples are looking for Pre – wedding photographer – Phang – Nga and someplace to take a pre – wedding photos, Korofilms was recommended Takuapa Old Town that will get a street style of pre – wedding from buildings, houses, shops in Chinese Sino-Portuguese.

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