The Future of Weddings After COVID-19 and What It Could Look Like

COVID – 19 was unpredictable situation. Affecting many couples have to proposed the wedding. Or some people choose not to hold a celebration and invite guests to congratulate each other through social media

After COVID – 19, Of course, the wedding style may change due to the changing attitudes of people in social distancing measures and sanitary such as

1. Reduce the number of guests in the wedding ceremony

For this reason, some couples may want to reduce the number of guests attending the event to reduce congestion. But some couples also take this opportunity to reduce the cost.

2. e – Money

Nowadays, most people avoid to contact money or coins. Because it is also a source of pathogens so brides and grooms may be able to use e – Money.

3. Sanitary

Not just a couple but everyone who comes to the wedding ceremony will definitely aware on cleanliness in the event. Whether it is arranging food should not leave the lid open Because of the risk of germs or saliva from people into the food and the cleanliness of the venue is something that the organizers have to adjust as well.

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