Indian wedding in Bangkok Thailand

Indian wedding in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is one of the country that popular in Indian wedding ceremony. Beach hotels are also popular for Indian couples who want to have the wedding ceremony in Thailand because there are a large number of guests. And beach hotels have a lot of space for wedding ceremony and for take a photos. There are various facilities to accommodate the guests and have a good vibes. And this is a processes of Indian wedding;

1. Indian Sanchi or Indian wedding parade
Indian Sanchi is a parade where the bride waits for the groom at the ceremony and the groom will ride a horse into the event. Then the groom give gifts to relatives or bridesmaids blocking the door so that they can pass through the door.

2. Jayamaala
Jayamaala is when the bride and groom change garland around their necks during the ceremony. Families and relatives of both get to know each other by chatting and changing garlands and gifts. Groom’s mother will give necklace for the bride, It mean a daughter-in-law to enter the family.

3. Purohit
Purohit is a ceremony where Brahmin will perform a fire worshiping ceremony and blessing for bride and groom. The couple had to walk together around the campfire for 7 times while making a commitment. Then parents will bless for bride and groom. The father of bride hands the bride to the groom. It’s a farewell from the family when the bride stepped out of the house, she turned to sprinkled rice into the house.

Which currently the format of Indian wedding may have changed some. Or may add a party to meet the needs of the bride and groom. If you are looking for wedding photographers or wedding videographers, Korofilms was a wedding photographers or wedding videographers team that will make your wedding day as the most importance of our day.

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